All events are free of charge to carers living or caring for someone in Edinburgh or Midlothian. Carers, and professionals working with carers, can book online or contact providers directly by telephone or email.

See our leaflet listing all events in Edinburgh

See our leaflet listing all events in Midlothian

Illnesses and disabilities

For carers supporting someone who is elderly, has a disability or condition including dementia, MS and Huntington’s.

Time for me

Explore ways to maintain a healthy balance between your caring role and life outside caring.

Getting the right support

Courses about adaptations, equipment and other practical support at home for yourself and the person you care for.

Caring for yourself

Explore ways to manage your own mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Out and about

Get out and enjoy group visits to art galleries, historic buildings and nature walks.

Money and benefits

Find out more about welfare rights, managing household bills and other financial matters.

Planning for the future

Covering a range of topics including preparing for the loss of a loved one and emergency planning.

Practical skills and bodycare

Learn the hands-on skills and knowledge to support someone else’s bodily care including foot and oral care.

Events & Trips

Have the opportunity to go to events and trips with other carers.